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    Kobie Boykins
    Name Kobie Boykins
    Organization Jet Propulsion Laboratory Medical Center
    Job Title Principle Mechanical Engineer
    Location: Pasadena, CA
    Responsibilities: Psychological Research
    Degrees/School BS Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Career Path I decided I wanted to be a space craft engineer in 5th grade. I wanted to be Geordi La Forge from Star Trek, he is the engineer. From there I started my trek to become a Mechanical Engineer so I could build the 1st interstellar vehicle. I chose RPI as it is a great engineering school with a relationship with NASA. I was offered an internship (COOP) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. From there I worked to get a job at JPL and have been there ever since.
    Why Space? I am a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan and love the idea of being able to work on the cutting edge of technology. As I got older, working in the space industry opened up the ability to continue learning and being challenged everyday.
    Words of Wisdom NEVER STOP LEARNING. Failure is not an end, its a beginning. Learn from all your mistakes, and never make the same mistake twice. Find the thing you love to do, and do that everyday of your life. Boredom is an insult to oneself - this is not mine, but I really like it.

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