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    Name Paul Freid
    Organization U.S. Department of Defense
    Job Title Space Systems Engineer
    Location: Maryland
    Responsibilities: I have been working in a department whose goal is to develop secure communications techniques for satellite communication networks. These techniques are used in military, civilian and commercial communications systems. This requires knowledge of electronics, software, cryptography, contracting, and �most important of all�our customer�s needs.
    Degrees/School B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Lowell
    Why Space? I wanted to work on leading edge technology, and early in my career I was given the opportunity to work in the space arena. The government agency that I am employed by allows me to utilize technologies years before their commercial potential or application can be realized
    Words of Wisdom Choosing to work for the Department of Defense is one of the many options that may be available to you. If you want to work on the cutting edge of high-technology research and development, working with or for the government may provide you with that opportunity.

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