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    Name Les Johnson
    Organization NASA
    Job Title Principal Investigator
    Location: Huntsville, AL
    Link: www.NASA.gov
    Responsibilities: I am the Principal Investigator of the Propulsive Small Expendable Deployer System (ProSEDS) mission and the study manager for the Multiple Tethered Satellites for Ionospheric Studies mission. In addition, I am responsible for several of NASA�s concept definition efforts for future space missions using tethered satellites. The ProSEDS mission demonstrated electrodynamic tether propulsion of small spacecraft in low earth orbit.
    Degrees/School: B.A. Chemistry and Physics, Transylvania University, Kentucky;
    M.S. Physics, Vanderbilt University;
    Business Program, International Space University
    Career Path: I planned from a very early age (pre-high school) to work for NASA or in the space industry. I studied chemistry and physics, later emphasizing space physics in graduate school, to facilitate my career. Unfortunately, upon earning my Masters Degree, NASA was not hiring and I took a job near NASA MSFC working for General Research Corporation. While at GRC I made several professional contacts within NASA and was hired there 3 1/2 years later. I now work in the Program Development Directorate, which is our future projects office. Prior to my current tether-related activities, I led the design and definition of the $80M Magnetosphere Imager spacecraft and mission for NASA�s Office of Space Science.
    Why Space? I have always been fascinated by space and, fortunately, I have the technical skills that enable me to work in the field. Words of Wisdom Be tenacious and don�t give up! It took more than three years for me to get a job at NASA. I have been told on numerous occasions that I am successful in large part due to my optimism and �can-do� attitude. This formula can work for others as it has for me.

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